BlankSlate was a digital marketing agency. BlankSlate continues to make real estate websites for customers.

This is what BlankSlate used to do:

BlankSlate specializes in forging local connections between brands, businesses, publishers, and audiences.

We understand that every community is different. People in Brooklyn have different lifestyles than people in Dallas. Manhattan real estate buyers see the world differently than 20-something D.C. culture mavens. Brands and their agencies understand this, too, and they come to us to help them with their local marketing activation.

Potential customers respond to messaging that aligns with their interests and provides them with value. Messaging that teaches them something, makes them laugh, or opens a window of opportunity. With those goals in mind, BlankSlate has dedicated itself to making great content, and finding the most efficient way to deliver it.


Chief Executive Officer

Kael is the founder and CEO of BlankSlate. Kael has grown the company from a startup servicing local blogs into a multi-faceted media and technology company serving brands, businesses and publishers.

Kael received his MBA from The Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a BA in Philosophy from Vassar College. Today, he hits the street for a run whenever he can.

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Chief Technology Officer

Ning is the co-founder and CTO of BlankSlate. He spent 9 years at IBM, largely on the road but these days, he’s settled down physically while putting BlankSlate solutions onto cloud-based super data highways. Ning really, really enjoys riding his bike to DUMBO for work.

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