Newburgh, NY, is a town on the Hudson not far from New York City — and not so far from Brooklyn.

As is the case with many former industrial towns in Upstate New York, Newburgh has its share of large commercial buildings that are standing empty. Its “A River of Opportunities” initiative was instituted to attract industry back to Newburgh. So it was only a matter of time before they set their eyes on Brooklyn and its surplus of creative entrepreneurs.

A River of Opportunities developed a series of video profiles of various businesses that had relocated to Newburgh, and looked to BlankSlate to promote this series to the right Brooklyn audience.

BlankSlate approached a local Newburgh blogger from our Publisher Network to write a series of sponsored posts, which were in turn edited by our editorial team.

These posts, supported by a display advertising campaign, were distributed across the BlankSlate Publisher Network of influential Brooklyn blogs.

Following are some examples of the work:

We hope our Brooklyn neighbors won’t blame us for any ensuing mass exodus to Newburgh.

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