Some businesses are — let’s face it — less than sexy. When your business depends on direct response, you need to find a way to get the attention of potential customers, and convert that interest into a lead.

This is where content marketing comes in.

Gotham Brokerage is a NYC-based insurance company specializing in renters and homeowners insurance. Direct response advertising had been their mainstay for years, but they were looking for new ways to gain new leads and separate themselves from other local players. They started to dip their toe into content marketing, placing sponsored posts on local websites and blogs. Having enjoyed some success, they reached out to BlankSlate to help them develop a more complete direct response content marketing strategy.

In order to make insurance relatable, we created visually strong, image-heavy blog posts that were light and enjoyable to read, providing just enough information to show why people absolutely need apartment insurance. The topics of the articles created connections to everyday life while stressing how affordable insurance could be, and how fast and easy it would be to click a link and fill out a form.

We then placed this content across the BlankSlate Publisher Network, along with other local sites, including Gotham’s own blog. The content was also promoted through social media, various content networks, and reinforced the brand messaging with retargeting and display ad placements on targeted sites.

Post headlines included:

A Single Dinner at Per Se is 5x More Than a Year’s Worth of Renter’s Insurance

Some Things in NYC are Still Fast (Like Getting Apartment Insurance)

5 Apartment Mishaps You Think Will Never Happen to You 

The success of our approach for this campaign is ongoing. Content marketing provided the creative means to make insurance interesting, easy to understand, and most importantly, increase Gotham’s lead flow.

Even “unsexy” industries are capable of creating engaging material for their target market. Contact us to find out how we can help create and distribute attention-grabbing content that will fulfill your company’s marketing needs.

Photo credit: cumi&ciki via Flickr