We are very excited to announce the launch of the SIBOR Marketplace.

You may recall that we completely redesigned, making it the go-to resource for real estate listings in Staten Island. Our partnership has now reached a new level with the development of the SIBOR Marketplace — a complete source of information about Staten Island home improvement and related services.

Residents of Staten Island can use the Marketplace as a one-stop shop for home improvement services. As they prepare for the leaves to begin falling, the snow to pile up, and the grass to start growing next spring, the Marketplace can help them find service providers to assist them through all of their seasonal woes. The simple, intuitive layout allows residents to easily navigate through the different types of home improvement services and find the exact business they need.

Our designers have customized professional websites for local businesses that cover the details of their services. These include everything from a business overview, images, videos, testimonials, contact information, as well as links to their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media pages.

If you own a home improvement–related business, you may already be in the Marketplace! Click here to sign up and start managing your web page today.