Following Newsday’s sale of amNY, BlankSlate was hired by Schneps Media to migrate the amNY website to WordPress from the Atex Polopoly cms. The project was completed in just under 3 weeks.

BlankSlate created a custom version of the WordPress import tool to cleanse article content and download images and videos from the Newsday CDN. The process imported XML files containing articles, photo galleries and videos. The media was automatically imported to WordPress and connected with the WPengine CDN.  

To preserve the overall look and feel of amNY, BlankSlate created a custom theme inheriting from the Gridlove WordPress theme.

SEO and Social Sharing meta was preserved and optimized using Yoast SEO.  SEF URL preservation was achieved in the custom amNY theme with help from the WordPress Redirection plugin.

Additional WordPress plugins were used to facilitate the detection of mobile and desktop devices.  Desktop and mobile ad zones were preserved using Google’s DFP and DFP approved code that automatically refreshes ads when in view.

The new amNY site is available now.