You might know Brooklyn Magazine, published by Northside Media, for its thought-provoking, addictive-to-read coverage of all things Brooklyn. You want to know where to find the best gluten-free food in Brooklyn? Or how the real estate market in Red Hook is doing? They’ve got articles about that.

Now all that engrossing content that keeps readers entertained and informed is optimized for consumption on desktops, tablets, and mobile; has improved SEO and social integrations; and is presented with a cleaner design and bigger photos.

Like many publishers today, Northside chose to refresh their site by moving to WordPress, and happily they also chose to expand their relationship with BlankSlate to help get this done.

BlankSlate inContext WordPress Theme CustomizerBlankSlate inContext Theme Customizer

BlankSlate used its inContext WordPress theme to enable Northside to get the sophisticated, minimal aesthetic Brooklyn Magazine is known for. The inContext theme enables publishers to create a site that meets their design vision, usually with no programming.

Brooklyn Magazine will generate more ad sales through BlankSlate’s sales team too. BlankSlate has been working alongside Northside Media’s internal sales team for several months, helping to optimize their digital revenue by offering the scale of BlankSlate’s publisher network. The sales relationship, plus the advertising capabilities built in to the inContext theme — rich media units, site takeovers, and sponsored editorial widgets — have already resulted in increased revenues and a more diverse ad portfolio.

With this spankin’ new site in place, the Brooklyn Magazine editorial staff can now create the witty, quirky, sometimes critical content their readers know and love and get it out more easily, to even more readers, and generate more revenues.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, the inContext theme, BlankSlate’s ad sales offering, you can contact BlankSlate here.

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