An in-blog ad is a large, graphic ad that is displayed right in the main editorial column of a site. Unlike a traditional display ad, an in-blog is not delivered thru an ad server. Instead, it is uploaded and published like a regular blog post and tracked through the site’s outgoing link analytics.

In-blogs have a large format (ie. 600 x 500 pixels) and give space for more detailed messaging and calls to action than standard display (ie. 728×90/300×250 pixels). Additionally, the placement brings the advertiser to the most premium area of the site–the  editorial column. Compared to traditional display ads, in-blogs can draw higher click totals and click through rates over a short period of time.

For example, the in-blog ad below was published on Brownstoner for a commercial real estate listing and received a very high click through rate in the initial 24 hour period after it launched. That said, the rate diminished quickly after day one. Display banners, on the other hand, will give more or less consistent click-through rates during the duration of the campaign over a longer period of time, i.e. 30 days, 90 days, etc.


The reason for the high initial numbers are the size and placement of the ad. The reason for the quick decline is that like any content in the editorial column, the ad will move down quickly, and then drop off of the first page.

Given this shorter shelf-life in comparison to traditional display ads, in-blogs are best used to market events, like open houses, classes, sales and other time-sensitive items. Here the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce used in-blogs on Brownstoner and Brooklyn Based 2 days in advance of the event’s launch to create awareness and drive interest during a period of time when readers made their weekend plans.

Brooklyn Chamber in-blog ad

Done in a series, they also have the ability to build brand with readers. Businesses like real estate brokers promoting open houses,  venues with regularly changing schedules, or restaurants and retailers with weekly specials can use these ads on a recurring basis to establish a regular presence with readers, but maintain the flexibility of promoting different offerings and messaging. Below, an example from an in-blog ad series created by Leman Manhattan Preparatory featuring different students for a one month enrollment driving campaign.


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