BlankSlate Real Estate now includes real time local market trends for sale and rental listings. Market trends can help buyers and sellers and owners and renters make informed pricing decisions by seeing how prices are changing over time (e.g. ‘where are we in a seasonal or macro-economic cycle?’) and also by comparing prices in one place versus another place (e.g. ‘how does pricing here compare to there?’).  BlankSlate Real Estate Market Trends is also a valuable tool for real estate brokers, who can gain greater insight into the communities they serve and share them with their customers.

Here’s how BlankSlate Real Estate Market Trends works:

We receive feeds from listings sources throughout the day. Listings are checked to ensure they have complete and valid addresses and can be placed on a map. If they don’t have complete information, we try to complete it using various web services.

We analyze the location data and pass the listings thru map boundaries to aggregate listings by geography. The map boundaries are developed in conjunction with BlankSlate’s publisher partners, to really define the neighborhoods in the way locals understand them. For example, here is the neighborhood map of DC that listings for Popville are passed thru.


Next, we generate statistics — like average and median price, and price per square foot —  based on the compiled location data.

For urban environments, the outcome is detailed pricing information by neighborhood.

Here is Washington DC’s sale pricing by neighborhood for today.



For suburban and rural environments the outcome is detailed pricing information by town or city, or neighborhoods if appropriate.

Here is upstate New York sale pricing for today.



Blank Slate Real Estate Market Trends also provides lots of charts that you can interact with. For example, you can broaden or narrow chart content and set date ranges from 7 days, to 30 days, weekly, and monthly.

Here is the weekly price trend for two bedroom rentals in the popular Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn.



Market Trends also includes snapshots that display overall information for a location. Here is a Williamsburg sales snapshot for today.


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