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Brooklyn has become a world capital of the “maker culture,” where a generation of artists and entrepreneurs combine new technologies and classic craftsmanship to remake the world around them on the neighborhood level.

In that spirit, Brownstoner, BFC Partners, and the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group decided to develop 1000 Dean into a creative hub for the up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights. Formerly a Studebaker service station, this 1920s concrete structure is becoming a suit of creative offices and studios with a 9,000-square-foot food and beer hall operated by the Brooklyn Flea.

BlankSlate was brought on to oversee the branding and web presence of this pioneering new project. To paint a picture of  creativity and sophistication, we conceived a design that was clean and modern, inspired by fashion and design magazines. We started with a simple, elegant logo design for 1000 Dean. For the website, we selected a color palette and typography that complemented the building’s cool, minimalist loft spaces.

Photography plays a key role in the design. The spaces were shot to look more like fashion photography than what you would normally see on a real estate site.

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Comparing the original, unbranded starter site to BlankSlate’s comprehensive branding, you can see the difference. From a gritty, urban look from another era…


…to a clean, modern and aspirational celebration of Brooklyn’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

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